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A Website That Works Wonders
Website Evaluation & Makeover
Your Fabulous Free Offer
Email Marketing That Connects and Collects

A Website That Works Wonders … 24/7!

Do you need to write (or rewrite) the content for your website?

Are you struggling to find the right words?

Hey, even the smartest, savviest entrepreneurs feel completely blocked and stuck and frustrated when it comes to writing their own website copy.

But have no fear! I have the solution!

You can either hire someone to write it for you, or you can let me guide you through the process. Together, we will find the perfect words to attract your perfect clients… and create a website that does a super job of promoting your business and making you money… 24/7!

In this 6-week mentoring program, I will give you the guidance, templates, and editing you need to:

  • Create a marketing message that captivates the interest of your ideal client and inspires them to say, “Yes, that’s for me!”
  • Know exactly what to write on each page of your website.
  • Clearly communicate your unique value and message… in your own voice.
  •  Discover the essential ingredients to turn your website into a client connection, cash-generating machine.

PLUS… I will edit the content you create during this process so you are sure to get the results you want.

To find out more about how to easily write your own website content, sign up for a free, 15-minute “Let’s Fix It!” Strategy Session. In this session, I can help you  figure out how to create a website that works wonders for your business.


Website Evaluation & Makeover

So, you’ve got a website.
Or maybe you’re in the process of creating one.
Good for you! Everyone needs a website these days.

But your website isn’t worth much to you unless it:

  • Captivates and connects with your ideal clients.
  • Communicates your value, unique message and credibility.
  • Inspires people to take the next step in doing business with you.
  • Compels visitors to opt-in (so you build your email list!)
  • Attracts new targeted traffic every day.
  • Gets people to open their wallets and buy.

Let’s make sure your website is doing all of this for you and your business!

I will do a complete website evaluation for you that includes step-by-step instructions and page-by-page copyediting suggestions to transform your website into a client connection, money-making machine that always gets results!

(If you don’t have a website yet, you’ll be better off signing up for the “A Website That Works Wonders” Module where I help you write, format and edit every page of your website.)

To find out more about how to receive a complete Website Evaluation and Makeover, step right over here to sign up for a free, 15-minute “Let’s Fix It!” Strategy Session. In this session, I can give you more information on how the process works and what it costs.


Your Fabulous Free Offer

One of your most important, most powerful marketing tools is your free offer.
This yummy little piece of scrumptiousness has the power to attract your perfect tribe of clients and customers, build your email list and boost your credibility as an expert to people all over the world. But to do all this, your free offer has to:

  • Be irresistible to your ideal client.
  • Provide valuable information that can be put to use immediately
  • Inspire people to contact you and take the next step in doing business with you.
  • Turn mildly interested, prospective clients into paying customers and loyal fans.

When done right, your free offer will make you money! No kidding. It will position you as an expert in your field, make potential clients eager to get more of what you’ve got and inspire them to invest their time and money in your services.

In this 4-week one-on-one mentoring program, you will get the guidance, direction and support you need to create your own fabulous free offer, one that meets all of the above criteria and more. Plus, I will help you create a title and the copy for your opt-in form that will inspire people to sign-up right away!

For more information about the Fabulous Free Offer Module, sign up for a free, 15-minute “Let’s Fix It!” Strategy Session. In this session, we can talk about whether this Module is your best next step or whether you’d be better served in some other way.


Email That Connects & Collects

Email is your most important tool when it comes to turning prospective clients into paying clients. When done well, your email will deepen your relationship with your clients (and “almost” clients) so when you offer them an opportunity to work with you, they can’t wait to say “yes.”

In this 6-week program, I will show you how to create e-newsletters, promotional emails and autoresponders that:

  • Turn mildly interested prospects into paying clients.
  • Get opened, read, responded to and shared.
  • Deepen the connection between you and those on your email list.
  • Strengthen client loyalty.
  • Inspire clients to tell others about you and your services.
  • Easily leverage your emails into blog posts, articles and products.
  • Write subject lines that make your emails impossible to ignore.

For more information about Email That Connects & Collects, sign up for a free, 15-minute “Let’s Fix It!” Strategy Session