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“Whatever I throw at Nancy, she catches it, runs with it and delivers an end result that is breathtakingly perfect for my business. Whether it’s a press release, web page, speaker sheet or a killer sales letter, she is able to not only express my message but my energy, my vibe and my passion for the work I do.

Plus, she gets results! Almost every project she’s worked on has resulted in increased revenue, publicity and new clients for my business. In fact, after Nancy edited and revamped one of my sales pages for an upcoming teleclass, registration for the class shot up significantly. And all of the many email promotions she’s written have evoked equally amazing results.

I highly recommend Nancy and Firecracker Communications to any entrepreneur who wants to increase their visibility online, attract new business and make more money!”

— Eva Gregory, Leading Edge Coaching & Training

“Nancy Tierney brings a clear, bright, trustworthy voice to the world of social marketing. Her natural charisma, warmth and imagination make learning from her a pleasure. She has widened my vision of what is possible and shown me how to enjoy the art of promotion. I recommend her to every single person seeking to expand their business and bring their art out into the world. Thank God for Nancy Tierney!”

Marta Szabo, co-director of Authentic Writing

“To be perfectly honest, the whole Internet marketing and social media scene makes my skin crawl. But when I was getting ready to edit and launch my new book I knew I had to take advantage of all the exposure and connections the Internet could offer. That’s where Nancy came in. Not only did she help me make major edits to the content of my book, which resulted in a much better offering, but she guided me through the steps of how to market that book online. She created a comprehensive Internet marketing and social media strategy for systematically promoting the book and building a community, and she guided me through that strategy with patience, encouragement and the occasional butt-kicking I needed.

“A great copywriter, Nancy also wrote the original sales page for the book and my free opt-in offer, as well as numerous promotional emails and autoresponders. She also helped me write better copy by editing my own emails and blog posts so they were more compelling to my readers and inspired them to take action.

“The process of creating and promoting a book is a long one, full of ups and downs and times of paralyzing doubt and frustration. Through this entire process, Nancy had my back and was by my side, encouraging me when I felt overwhelmed, setting me straight when I started to doubt and challenging me whenever she thought I was headed down the wrong path.”

— Steve Healey, Mid-Life Re-Creation

“I always felt that Nancy was personally, as well as professionally, invested in my success and my happiness. She consistently offered me her best work and expertise with respect, heartfelt concern and authentic, undeniable love.

“Firecracker took the time to really get inside my projects and understand what they were about, and the resulting materials really reflected that. But they took it a step further – they researched my target audience as well, so they had a full understanding of just who we were communicating with. The results could not have been better, and I cannot recommend Firecracker highly enough.”

Mark Marshall, musician, composer, mulitmedia artist

“I originally approached Nancy to write the copy for my new website but I quickly became aware that she had a lot more to offer me and my business. Nancy is a savvy Internet marketer, and as such she was able to guide me in all my online marketing decisions, from what to use as a free offer to how to build my email list to how to use social media to attract more students. She designed a customized 12-month Internet marketing and social media strategy for me, and I’m still referring to it to this day!

“But perhaps Nancy’s greatest gift is her ability to write marketing copy that gets results. Not only did she write and edit my website copy, but she helped me write promotional emails and autoresponders. One promotional email she wrote to promote my teleclasses increased our sign-ups by over 100%, resulting in our most well-attended teleclass ever.

“I also greatly appreciated Nancy’s genuine concern for the overall success of my business. She was generous in her suggestions on how to cut costs and get better results, and her positive attitude (as well as her big laugh and great sense of humor) always helped to lighten my mood whenever I felt overburdened or discouraged. In many ways, she’s like a business & marketing therapist! Plus, she’s just so much fun to work with!

— Karen McCall, Financial Recovery Institute

“Anytime I have a client project that requires first-class copy, I put Nancy on the job. She’s been one of my “first-choice” copywriters for over 3 years now, and she never fails to wow both me and my clients with her ability to communicate the essence of any message or sales pitch with incredible clarity, passion… and credibility. Most of my clients are flabbergasted by how well and how quickly she understands, expresses and promotes the heart and soul of their business or project.

“And what is even more remarkable is that Nancy understands me and my needs as an Online Marketing Consultant who is working under a variety of deadlines. When I surprise Nancy, she always rolls with it and does an incredible job. She’s quick, she’s smart and she produces results that carry a magnetic energy, clarity and power! If you are thinking about working with Nancy, don’t hesitate…you won’t be disappointed!”

— Sydni Craig-Hart,

“Thanks to Nancy’s work, we were able to launch my new website and distribute marketing materials at large, prominent baseball convention.  Since this was my first online business venture and my first convention, I was sailing in uncharted waters, and I needed someone who could quickly understand what I was trying to do. Plus, we were working under a very tight deadline and had multiple items to complete.

“Nancy took our primary business concepts and with little more than an hour interview and very little guidance, she created the marketing materials we needed, on budget and ahead of schedule. She more than met my needs; she delivered beyond my wildest expectations.”

— Dean Spiridon, Pro Baseball Instruction

“When I began selling coaching products and services, Nancy quickly became my go-to copywriter.  She has a knack for asking great questions and turning the answers into compelling sales letters that speak directly to buyers’ pain points and aspirations. Her copy has contributed greatly to the success of my new business, and she’s truly a pleasure to work with.”

— Maya Payne Smart, publisher,

“Can you say SIZZLING copy? I get seriously excited when I read the copy Nancy writes for me. It expresses my services in a way that sounds as if it’s coming from my mouth… but better! I also love how she keeps molding the clay until it’s perfect for my market. Every time I read the copy on my website, I get tickled!”

— Jeanna Gabellini, Masterpeace Coaching

“Working with Nancy was a very unique experience for me. I’ve used various copywriters in the past but Nancy´s approach to our work together was different. She was genuinely interested in my business as well as in me as a person. Her process of getting to the heart of the message provided me with even more clarity about my needs! Furthermore, Nancy is prepared to twist and tweak the copy until the ultimate satisfaction of her customer. I believe that in any “service” industry the customer care is key and Nancy provides her customer service with a smile and high dose of positive energy! I look forward to more work together in the future.”

— Natalie Ekberg, LBCoaching

“I can talk a blue streak, but when it comes to writing, well, I can get bogged down. So, when I wanted to write my first ebook, I knew I’d better hire a ghost writer for the project. And boy, did I ever luck out when I hired Nancy at Firecracker Communications!

“With only a few rough notes and a few conversations with me, Nancy immediately understood the information I wanted to convey… and she was also able to make it sound like me!

“The huge success I experienced with that first project compelled me to hire Nancy again and again. She created my online sales pages, another ebook and a promotional piece for a new, top-dollar seminar I taught in Florida. Everything Nancy produced was perfectly crafted and powerfully written while expressing the heart and soul of what I wanted to convey.

“But perhaps what I valued most about working with Nancy was that she was genuinely invested in the success of my business… and in my own personal well-being as well. She always had great ideas, feedback and sage advice for me when I was struggling with issues around marketing and PR.

“In short, Nancy became a confidant, someone I could trust with both personally and professionally. And that, in today’s business world, is invaluable.

Ms. Alice Collier,

Working with Nancy was a dream come true for me. I was in the process of completing and launching my first ebook on wine labels, and Nancy was able to take my words, give them the spit, shine and polish they needed to communicate my message so much better than I could. In fact, I never knew I could sound so good! Plus, she created the copy for my web sales page and promotional email, and again, she made me and my message sound intriguing, intelligent and fun!”

— Ann Reynolds, Wine Compliance Alliance